Find a Special Urbit Planet

1.  Select a Quadrant
2.  Change the Shape


The Rarest Urbit Sigils

What are the rarest and most aesthetic sigils?

Get an Identity

An Urbit planet is a permanent identity that you own on the Ethereum blockchain. It is your key to joining the Urbit network. Learn more at

You can buy planets on this site using the MetaMask browser extension. It allows you to create a new Ethereum wallet to hold your planet, or connect to an existing wallet using a 12-word phrase or hardware like Trezor.

Using the Sigil search tool, browse our available planets and find one you like. Use the ETH balance in your MetaMask wallet to purchase the planet.

Your account needs extra ETH to cover the price of transaction fees. Activating your planet to run on the network also requires some ETH based fees.

Join the Network

When you're ready to join the network, we'll be ready for you. We only sell planets from stars that are fully operational and ready to support you.

Please follow the official Urbit Install + Setup instructions to get your ship running.

After you buy a planet and the transfer is confirmed on the blockchain, you can manage it in Urbit Bridge. Use the MetaMask option to login. From here you can setup your networking keys or perform other actions with your planet.

More support information will be coming to this site over time. For now you can get support in our public forums: